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Welcome to Panametrics | About Us

Panametrics is a leader in critical measurements and flare emissions management. Our technology provides solutions in the toughest applications and environments for moisture, oxygen, hydrogen, liquid, gas and steam flow measurements. Panametrics entered the ultrasonic flow market with a gas flow meter more than 50 years ago. Since then, the Panametrics brand has been known for its high-technology inline and clamp-on flow meters that handle the toughest applications and environments. At state of the art multimodal facilities in Ireland, US, China and many other service centers) and with a reach that extends across the globe. Learn more at
Siva Kumar : Nice
Siva Kumar : Nice

PanaFlow Ultrasonic Flow Measurement by Panametrics

High-end design, advanced performance and low cost of ownership. Get these and all the advantages of ultrasonic flow metering with the PanaFlow Z3 liquid flow meter from Panametrics, a Baker Hughes business. Find out more at:
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Kumaresan Baskar : Hi Ali, please share your email id, let me forward the details. For more details reach me at

How to use the Panametrics PT878GC gas clamp-on flow meter.

This video explains how to use the Panametrics PT878GC gas clamp-on flow meter.




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